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Linktivity Online Productivity Suite

Publish your event online with an easy sign-up

Any scheduling changes in time, date, or duration made online will automatically be updated in Act!

Automatically manage and track the RSVP's in Act!

Set default activity type in Act! for each event for better reporting and calendar filtering of your Link2Events.

Maximimize attendance with event reminders

Configure in Link2Events how many hours in advance of your event your sign-ups will be sent a reminder. 

Segment attendees in Act! for easy event follow-ups

Know in advance who is attending your event by distributing event location details, or meeting links to only those with verified email addresses.

Plan Events with Less Effort
using Link2Events

Maintaining a clean email list can be time-consuming. Over time many addresses become invalid or inactive, causing your email reputation and deliverability rates to suffer. BriteVerify is a great email verification service that can reduce your bounce rate by 98%, and it only costs a penny a contact. The trouble is your email list lives in Act!, where you run all your marketing campaigns. You could export your email list from Act! , scrub it through BriteVerify, and then import that same list back into Act!, and hope you don't make a mess of your data. 

Or you could use Link2list by Keystroke. Link2list is part of the Linktivity Suite of products, and it integrates with to help check each of the email addresses in your Act! database quickly & easily. During the Link2list scanning process, each of the emails in your distribution list will be classified as either valid, invalid, accept all, or unknown, and then your database updated accordingly. The process is super fast and requires no technical expertise to run. Simply enter your BriteVerify API key into Link2list, tell it which group in Act! to scan, and then start scanning. Within minutes you'll have hundreds, if not thousands of email addresses verified as "safe to send", with no manual data entry in Act! whatsoever.


Here are some fast facts on Link2Events every Act! user should know:


Works with groups in your database

Target the contacts whose emails you wish to validate by creating an either static or dynamically populated groups in Act!, and Link2list will only check those contact's email addresses. This could be your master marketing group from which all your small marketing groups are comprised.

BriteVerify integration

Link2list integrates with to authenticate the email addresses in your list as valid (BriteVerify fees extra.


Schedule your List Scans

Configure Link2list can be configured to run a scan on  a designated group on an automated basis each day, week, or month. You can even exclude contacts that have been previously scanned to save costs.

Run Link2list from anywhere

Link2list is an online service, meaning you can run it from anywhere - including tablets and Mac's. No need to have Act! installed, Link2list uses the WebAPI to connect to your database from anywhere.


Updates the email status field

Link2list creates the required field in your Act! database, and then indicates whether that contact's email address is valid, invalid, accept all, or unknown.

Run Link2list on multiple groups

Link2list can be configured to run against as many groups as you wish, each with their own schedule. Configure Link2list based on what makes sense for your unique database.

No software to install

Link2list is an online service, meaning there is no software to install.

Rinse & Repeat

Keep your email list current & accurate by running regular scans. Over time existing contact's email addresses become invalid, and new contacts will be added, so it's important to run Link2list regularly to maintain good list hygiene.


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