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Get more out of Linktivity with MailMerge
Get more out of Linktivity with MailMerge

Enhanced Lead Generation with

New Web API triggered online Forms & Surveys

Sure, you can pay a web developer, or you can use Link2forms and do it yourself

Link2forms is a component of the Linktivity Suite, offering Act! users a user-friendly online form or lead capture tool.

These webforms serve multiple functions, from “Contact Us” inquiries and quote requests to job applications and online waivers. What sets Link2forms apart is its seamless integration with Act!, eliminating the need for manual data entry from email submissions. Instead, Link2forms promptly generates new contacts or updates existing records based on form responses. It’s also capable of initiating follow-up tasks, generating opportunities, modifying contact details, and even starting email drip campaigns.

The versatility of Link2forms allows it to be used in any setting, thanks to its high customizability and ability to blend into any website design. It offers both link and embedded HTML options, ensuring flexible deployment.

Link2forms is intelligent, featuring skip-logic that displays certain questions based on specific responses.

Unlike other 3rd party add-ons, Link2forms is the only one to write directly to your Act! database via the Act! WebAPI, meaning it can configured to work with any subscription version of Act!.


With Link2forms, you can:

  • Create customizable forms to generate a consistent stream of leads to fuel sales and marketing efforts
  • Categorize and segment leads to provide targeted follow-up to increase customer engagement and conversion rates
  • Run comprehensive reports on collected feedback to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions
  • Build forms with a wide variety of question types, including conditional questions with skip logic
  • Automate response feedback to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention
  • Control access to customer feedback to ensure data security and compliance

All survey and form responses are written to the history of each responding contact, and then presented with incisive online reporting that gives you the visibility needed to interpret and respond to customer feedback. 

And nothing get's missed with Link2forms as you're alerted immediately after each submission, with a breakdown of their individual form responses. Link2forms is a powerful lead-generation tool that allows you to create easy mobile-friendly forms to harvest many types of data from customers.


System Requirements & Subscription Terms

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0 or K-API
  • All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

Fast facts every Act! user should know:

Generate a URL to publish your form

Publish an online form/survey link and distribute that to the audience you wish to complete your form or survey. This link is generated by Link2forms, and can easily be included in your website, social media, or even email signature. 

You can even create a friendly URL name to make the form's address easier to remember if you wanted to publish it as a free-standing page.

Secure your form from bots with Captcha

Nothing worse then building & publishing a form only to have it overrun with bots that create fake contacts in your database with bogus responses. All our Forms/Surveys include a captcha at the bottom to safeguard your forms from such attacks.

Process easy online form submissions

Provide them the form or survey to complete online and have those responses automatically & securely added to the History of the contact, and then added the responders to a group in your Act! database that Link2forms created for that form. You can even prevent multiple submissions from the same person.

Update or add Act! Contacts

If the contact that completes a form/survey is in your database they are automatically added to the new Form group, and if they're not, they get created in Act! as a new contact and then added to the group. In cases of existing contacts, no field data gets overwritten

Include uploading attachments with forms

Add an upload field to your form to support people uploading attachments like resumes, images, etc. The attachment is included with the same contact History as the text responses.

Choose which contact fields are included

Easily map any number of primary contact fields from your database and select which one will be used for duplicate checking (typically email field). Forms soliciting feedback from existing contacts can use minimal fields, but ones where you're harvesting feedback from new contacts can include a more complete list of fields.

Instant Notification of form submissions

Get an instant email alert whenever a form or survey is completed, advising you of who provided the submission and what their responses were. The same information is written to the Contact History (including attachments) for more reliable record keeping.

Create drip email campaigns after form is completed

Configure up to five nurture emails as a drip campaign after a contact completes a form. Imagine being able to send follow-up emails relating to the product or service they expressed interest in, and then schedule a follow-up after the drip campaign is complete.

Automate Follow-up Activities in Act!

Don't leave follow-ups to chance. Link2forms allows you to create a follow-up activity in Act! to ensure you never miss a lead generation opportunity. 


Feedback is of little value if it's difficult to parse or understand. Link2forms provides online reporting to help you analyze all your forms or survey results in a variety of chart formats or KPI's.

Save time by cloning forms

Many forms contain the same fields and structure, but are used for different purposes. If you want to create one product form for your website, you can easily duplicate that form for other products on your site, with each forms responses going into their respective Groups in Act!.

Works with Local & Web databases

Link2forms works with Cloud databases using the WebAPI, and local databases using Act! Connect Link. As long as you have an Act! subscription, you can publish forms & surveys more successfully with less effort using Link2forms.

You can even use the Keystroke API (K-API) to support Linktivity features for Act! Pro and off-plan Premium users.

Personalized surveys

Choose from six different question types (single-line text, memo, single-select, and multi-select drop-down menus, checkbox, number, rating, rating with the slider, and file upload) for your form or survey, and easily manage their order of sorting. You can even use drop-down lists that support free-form content to capture those "Other" responses.

Link2forms allows you to include a simple introduction at the beginning of your questions, and divide your form into sections with Section Headers.

Customize your form to fit your website

Choose from three different design styles, using single or multiple columns, and control every design aspect of your form so it fits seamlessly into your website placement. You can even use our "Embed Code" feature to grab the custom code for iframes so the form auto-fits in both width and height to your page - even if you inserted it into a narrow column for a Call To Action form.

Easily select background color, the number of columns to use, and how your questions will span across those columns. You can even incorporate a unique form-specific image to post at the top of the form/survey page.

Click to load a contact from Act! into a form

If you have a contact in Act! that you'd like to load into an existing form, you can do that with Link2forms. With our new drip-campaign feature, users may want to add existing contacts to a form to enroll them in a Link2forms nurture campaign, and we've created a plugin to make that easy.




Create Online forms that feed results back into Act!
Form Sections Available
Fields & Questions
Fields & Questions
Detailed survey reporting of results
Ability to create a form link or embedded HTML for publishing
Works with Web API and KAPI
Support a variety of default layout styles
Supports Captcha
Automatically adds contacts to Act! group upon submission
Works with Local & Web databases
Instant Notification of form submissions
Recognizes existing contacts & creates new ones when form completed
Easily clone existing forms
Suppression and Submission Options
Include uploading attachments with forms
Ability to trigger follow-up activities for other users
Ability to assign form ownership to other users
Configure drip email campaigns after a form is completed
CC field to alert others of submissions
Ability to create Opportunities for contacts who complete forms
Windows plugin to apply contacts to a form from inside Act!
Create follow-up activities in Act! based on form or survey submissions
= Included
= Not included

The Link2forms workflow process

  • Go to, click on the Forms tab and create a Form
  • Give your form a name, and map as many of the contact primary fields as you wish, and then create additional unmapped fields related to your form
  • Select an Activity type to create the apprioriate History in Act! (we recommend creating an activity in Act! called "Forms" with the outcomes "Form Completed" and "Form Not Completed".
  • When you click Save, the new Form will automatically create a SubGroup in Act! under the parent Group Forms, to help you better track those completing your form
  • A unique URL is then created for your form, and you can post it in any digital space you manage (ie. website, blog, community page, forums, etc.) and promote them by email, as well
  • The user will then select their field mappings and create the questions from a variety of question formats, including single & multi-select dropdowns, free form single field and memo field, as well as star ranking and slider rating questions. You can even select a branding image and background colour that suits the form.
  • One the foorm or survey is published, each person responds by clicking the Link2forms link, bringing them to the form page you've formatted and designed. They'll be prompted to complete all the required fields, and when complete, they click "Submit" and a confirmation email will be sent to both the contact and the organizer confirming their submission.
  • Link2forms then checks the email address in your database, and if there is a match, a History is created that is linked to the existing Contact, and if there isn't, the contact is created and then linked to the History.
    And this all happens instantly
  • The History of that Contact is updated with a "Completed Form", and the regarding will include the form name, and the Details section will include a line by line summary of all their answers.
  • The beauty of this workflow is in the simplicity. Our online reporting tool will allow you to harvest the results and display them in Bar or Pie Chart, as well as a selection of KPI reports illustrating a breakdown of the total responsess. All of them can be filtered by dates, and exported to Excel or CSV, and printed to PDF or paper.
  • What's more, you can use Act!'s History List to immediately filter by date range and subject to analyse the individual responses to a particular form.
  • As mentioned ealier, to make follow-ups even easier, Link2forms creates a Group for each form and then adds those that respond to the fomr to that group.
    You'll see the group populate on it's own, and you'll have instant visibility on whose participating, and what the results are. 
  • You can even trigger additional workflow off these groups, such as adding them to AMA campaigns for additional nurture marketing.

That's it.

The Link2forms web console allows you to easily edit Forms on the fly, duplicate them for similar future Forms, and even copy the form URL without drilling into the actual Form details.

You can delete an online Form at any time, and the results will remain safe in your Act! database.

Link2forms Animated Walk-through

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Generate more leads with Link2forms, the only WebAPI forms & survey solution designed for all Act! users.

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