A new Lite tier added to Link2forms

Not every business has the same needs. When we built Link2forms, we included the ability to have multiple forms, follow-ups, and question types, and then we later added the ability to assign Form ownership and follow-up tasks to other users, and create Opportunities, as well. These are powerful lead capture tools, but it's fair to say that not everyone needs that many clubs in their bag. Smaller businesses may be content with one form for the Contact Us page, and use it just to capture contact
If you quote in multiple currencies, you will love this Link2quotes update

For most businesses, the change we’re about to introduce to Link2quotes will not make a difference. We understand that the majority of people quoting their products and services do so in one currency, but those who work with customers in multiple countries will enjoy this new feature. We’re excited to announce that we will introduce multi-currency support in Link2quotes in the first week of April for those people. This will allow users to quote in one currency, even when their costs are in
But I don't sell products, how can I use Link2quotes?

"I sell services, so this quoting product wouldn't work for me!" This is a common refrain from service business people looking at Link2quotes. It's true, the Link2quotes main layout template is geared more towards product sales, with columns for unit rates, quantities, extended price, etc. And while we've allowed for the customization of columns, so any unneeded ones can be removed, this hasn't helped service people overcome their initial reaction. For this reason, we've added a new quote
Linktivity adds new consultant tools

At Linktivity, we know how important it is for consultants to have a good relationship with their customers. Customers want to focus on their business, and they trust consultants to help them with many aspects of that. That’s why we made Linktivity easier for consultants to use. With our new internal changes, consultants can now create a workspace for their customers within their own Linktivity account, invite them to join, and set up the products they want to try. When the trial period ends
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