July was a big month for new features in Link2quotes

Earlier in the month we announced the exciting addition of quantity discounting to Link2quotes, which simplified the quoting process for both sellers and buyers. Well, we kept our foot on the gas the rest of July as we added a long list of great new features to our popular quoting solution. The following represent the changes through July in reverse chronological order: Quote Reporting:  Quote reporting now includes a "Comparison" feature allowing you to compare results
Link2quotes now includes automatic quantity discounting

Whether you're the seller or buyer, some things just make the quoting process easier, and automatic quantity discounting is one of them. Yesterday we introduced this new feature to Link2quotes, and we think it'll streamline the quoting process significantly by eliminating much of the normal back-and-forth communication that can stretch out sales cycles.  The concept of quantity discounts is not new. Businesses have offered "buy more, save more" promotions for ages, but implementing
I used to hate the start of every month

If you're in sales, the start of every month is a pain. Not only do you go from hero-to-zero with each monthly reset of your quota, but there is a lot of pipeline management to be done. For instance, you have to decide which quotes should be killed, and which ones pushed, and regardless of what you decide, each and every one of them has to be individually touched, edited, and resent with those updates. And this includes updating the quote and the opportunity each time. If you carry a big
Don't be afraid to hire new sales reps

Having founded this company 29 years ago, I can say hiring sales reps is never easy. Unless you're poaching them directly from your competition (which isn't cool!), any new hire will have a steep learning curve. Whether it be products, processes, policies, or pricing, a new sales rep must learn them all in a production environment and never make mistakes. Factor other nuances like applicable sales taxes, quantity discounts, bundlings, and other such variables, and the task can be daunting for
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