Differences between webforms and online surveys

Differences between webforms and online surveys

With the introduction of Link2surveys, people are asking about the differences people Webforms and online surveys. They're both tools used to gather information from users, but they serve different purposes and have some key differences:

  1. Purpose: The main difference between a webform and an online survey is their purpose. A webform is typically used to collect specific information from a user, such as contact details or payment information. On the other hand, an online survey is used to gather opinions, feedback, or attitudes from a group of people. This is partly due to the direct vs indirect delivery method of each.

  2. Delivery: Webforms are presented indirectly to a contact that visits a particular webpage. These webforms can be Contact Us, Careers, or Quote Request pages, and they can be accessed via links, or be embedded into the page itself. Surveys, on the other hand, tend to be delivered directly to the contacts by email.    

  3. Questions: Webforms usually have a set of fixed questions that don’t change based on user responses. However, online surveys can use advanced skip logic to customize the experience of respondents by using triggers and piping answers into subsequent questions. With Linktivity, both Link2forms and Link2surveys use different forms of skip logic, but the multi-page presentation format of Link2surveys is more appropriate for it.

  4. Lead generation:  When integrated with a CRM like the Linktivity products, both webforms and surveys can be an excellent source of leads. The difference is forms generate a lead when they're completed, whereas surveys can trigger leads based on how questions are answered. For instance, Link2surveys can be configured to group contacts based on HOW they answered one or more questions, rather than if they just answered them at all.

  5. Presentation: Webforms are often simpler in design and presentation compared to online surveys. Webforms tend to be presented as a single page with all the questions, whereas online surveys can spread the questions across many pages.

  6. Data Collection and Analysis: Online surveys are designed to collect data from a large number of respondents and often include tools for analyzing the data. Webforms, however, are typically used to collect individual data entries and may not include built-in data analysis tools. With Linktivity, both Link2forms and Link2surveys have data analysis & reporting tools.

  7. Response Tracking: Online surveys often have features for tracking responses and analyzing data in real-time. Webforms might not have these features.

Much like in nature, form follows function. The choice between a webforms and an online survey will depend on the purpose of the data you intend to collect. The one common priority for webforms & surveys is that both should integrate with your CRM to deliver feedback results where you store your contact details. By writing all feedback to a CRM, the results can trigger workflows that lead to faster, more effective marketing and sales. 

Linktivity has always understood this, which is why both Link2forms and Link2surveys write their results instantly to Act!. Start your 2-week FREE TRIAL today. 

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