Advantages of using a URL shortener like Link2shrink

Link2shrink is a popular URL shortener service for Act! users that was added to the Linktivity Suite of products in early 2023. There are several benefits to using Link2shrink, not the least of which are as follows: URL Shortening: Link2shrink allows you to shorten and customize your links, making them more manageable and visually appealing. Link Tracking: Link2shrink provides detailed tracking of the links you create on the platform, allowing you to measure the impact of your
Link2shrink is here! Because sometimes less is more!

In early January we announced we were working on a new product addition to your Linktivity Suite called Link2shrink. Well, we're pleased to announce that this has arrived, and we've added new ways to shrink your links. Whether you're using URL's from external websites or internal Linktivity Forms or Event pages, the addresses are often too long to use on Social Media sites like FaceBook or LinkedIn. Link2shrink solves this problem by creating much shorter redirection links that
Linktivity planning a new service in January - Link2shrink

When we first started developing the Linktivity applications, the objective was to help support Act! users in their marketing efforts. The evolution of Link2calendar, Link2events, Link2forms, Link2list, and finally Link2quotes , combined with Act! and Marketing Automation, shaped into a powerhouse suite of lead generation, capture, and conversion tools. Well, we're pleased to announce that we're planning a new addition to the Linktivity family in mid-January called Link2shrink. Link2shrink has
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