Linktivity planning a new service in January - Link2shrink

Linktivity planning a new service in January - Link2shrink

When we first started developing the Linktivity applications, the objective was to help support Act! users in their marketing efforts. The evolution of Link2calendar, Link2events, Link2forms, Link2list, and finally Link2quotes , combined with Act! and Marketing Automation, shaped into a powerhouse suite of lead generation, capture, and conversion tools.

Well, we're pleased to announce that we're planning a new addition to the Linktivity family in mid-January called Link2shrink. Link2shrink has one job and that's to shrink your links - hence the name.

Whether you're using URL's from external websites or internal Linktivity Forms or Event pages, the addresses are often too long to use on Social Media sites like FaceBook or LinkedIn. Link2shrink solves this problem by creating much shorter redirection links that can be used anywhere. Link2shrink is similar to services like, except that it is designed to work seamlessly with Link2Shrink new tile side view3CLinkivity addresses, as well as external webpages.

We've booked,, and domains to be used with this service, which should support rendering a wide range of shorter internal and external URL's.

The UI would have to feature the following:

  • like Link2forms, you click to add a new redirection
  • you enter the destination URL, add a custom extension and check if it's available
  • if you don't enter anything, it will auto-generate an alphanumeric extension that could obviously not exceed 7 characters
  • when you save, it'll add to a list similar to Link2forms, with searching features
  • The service will include basic click-through statistics and source locators (which site the link came from)

Like all our Linktivity products, everything is available in one place within your Linktivity account, and accessible from your PC, MAC, tablet, or mobile phone. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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