A new Lite tier added to Link2forms

Not every business has the same needs. When we built Link2forms, we included the ability to have multiple forms, follow-ups, and question types, and then we later added the ability to assign Form ownership and follow-up tasks to other users, and create Opportunities, as well. These are powerful lead capture tools, but it's fair to say that not everyone needs that many clubs in their bag. Smaller businesses may be content with one form for the Contact Us page, and use it just to capture contact
Top nine tips to making great web forms

Web forms are great for businesses because they allow them to collect and manage information from their website visitors in an easy and efficient way. A well-constructed web form can help businesses achieve the following:  Generating leads and contacts Conducting market research and user feedback to improve products or services. Providing e-commerce opportunities to sell products or services online. Automating workflows and processes by routing data to the appropriate person or system
Why integrate your website forms into your CRM

Every website has a web form. Whether it's a Contact Us page or a Quote Request, somewhere on every business website there is a web form designed to capture contact information. The trouble is most are built on WordPress or Joomla components included free with their Content Management System (CMS), and are designed to collect the data from website visitors and send the results by email to a designated staffer.  While this is better than having no webforms at all, it is notably inferior to
Top seven reasons to use webforms for your business

Web forms are a crucial tool for businesses to obtain the information they need from their potential customers. They can collect data, evaluate products or services, start a conversation, sell products, get feedback from offers, and allow visitors to comment. Web forms can have a powerful impact on a business. According to Venture Harbor, a well-designed multi-step form converted 53% of site visitors to leads. Marketers use web forms for several reasons — to complete an order, keep track
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