Enhance your customer engagement with Link2calendar

Booking meetings with prospects can be a  time-consuming process. A simple meeting request can quickly devolve into many rounds of email ping-pong before a mutually convenient meeting time is agreed to. It was this common frustration that gave rise to popular scheduling tools like Link2calendar, which offer a variety of benefits: Automated Scheduling: Link2calendar aligns, syncs, and integrates everything around your meetings to add time and focus back to your workday.
Your time is valuable, and now Link2calendar helps you sell it

When Link2calendar was released a couple of years ago, it did so with one simple premise - "turn your time into money". This mantra was appealing, but ultimately misleading because you were required to give away your time for free when people booked appointments with you using our service. The presumption was that it facilitated more efficient appointment scheduling, thereby closing sales cycles faster. But what if your time really was your currency, and couldn't be given away for free? What if
Keystroke celebrates the relaunch of Linktivity with 5-part webinar series

February marks the Keystroke relaunch of our Linktivity Suite of services, and we’re celebrating with a 5-part webinar series running through this month and next. The Linktivity Suite of online services is a family of Act! integration services that leverage the WebAPI and provide unique functionality enhancement for Act! users, with no software to install. The first product, namely Link2calendar, was released in early 2019 as “Book2act”, and this quickly led to the release of Book2forms,
Link2calendar launches a new mobile responsive look

Link2calendar has new, more modern look, and it’s mobile responsive too. In response to our customers requesting a calendar layout that can support their customers booking appointments with them on their mobile devices, we setout to redesign a layout that would do precisely that, and we think you’ll love the results. The screen is now designed to present one day at a time, with a controls to advance a day or month, backwards or forwards at the top. We’ve also included a monthly calendar
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