Keystroke celebrates the relaunch of Linktivity with 5-part webinar series

Keystroke celebrates the relaunch of Linktivity with 5-part webinar series

February marks the Keystroke relaunch of our Linktivity Suite of services, and we’re celebrating with a 5-part webinar series running through this month and next.

The Linktivity Suite of online services is a family of Act! integration services that leverage the WebAPI and provide unique functionality enhancement for Act! users, with no software to install. The first product, namely Link2calendar, was released in early 2019 as “Book2act”, and this quickly led to the release of Book2forms, until the rest of the products were rebranded under the Linktivity name.

Over the last three months we’ve invested tremendous development & design effort in adding features and UI improvements to each of these products, including the introduction of the soon-to-be-released Link2quotes. The Linktivity Suite of online services now boasts integration with K-API (the Keystroke API) to support non-subscription customers using Pro or off-plan Premium products, so they’re truly accessible to all Act! users now.

If you’re interested in participating in any of the webinars in this series, please click HERE for registration and scheduling details. The Linktivity products featured in this webinar series are as follows, presented in the order of the scheduled webinars:

To learn more, please click click each of the section headers to go to the respective product pages

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Online Calendar publishing and appointment setting
Link2calendar is a “Calendly” type online service that publishes your Act! calendar so people can see when you're available and book a time with you at the earliest mutual convenience. Link2calendar then adds the appointment immediately to your calendar, as well as the contact if they're new to you, and notifies both parties of the booking.
Link2calendar turns your time into money.

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Online forms & survey service for Act! users
Online forms and surveys are an excellent source of lead generation, and a great way to harvest feedback from your customers. However, if the data you collect doesn’t seamlessly feed back into your CRM, this process can actually create more work than the data’s worth. Enter Link2forms.

Link2forms helps you to easily create attractive and responsive online forms & surveys, the results of which write directly to your Act! database using the WebAPI or K-API. This means it works with virtually all deployments of Act! (Desktop, Cloud, and SaaS), and can be published in any digital space you manage, including your website, social media, email signatures, you name it.

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Online Event Management for Act! users
What if there was a single online service that helped you organize a public event, publish the registration page online, processed registrants and added them to the event group and activity in Act!, and then sent out meeting reminders before the event and follow-ups afterwards. Would that make you more interesting hosting public events like education webinars, product demos, mixers, and the like? And what if this service added all new registrants to your database, thus maximizing your event’s attendance and delivering turnkey lead generation?

That service is called Link2events, and it not only delivers on all these services, it also bridges the feature gap between economical meeting services and the more expensive Webinar counterparts costing hundreds of dollars a month.

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Email Verification Service
A beautiful email is of little value if it never reaches its target. Link2list helps small business easily & inexpensively validate their distribution list inside of Act!, while protecting their sender reputation  and improving their campaigns deliverability by 98%. Link2list allows Act! users to seamlessly integrate BriteVerify's online database verification service directly with Act!, so they can quickly scrub their database and avoid blacklists by updating contact records by the hundreds in minutes.

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Whether you use Act! on your desktop or in the cloud, managing your pipeline can be a lot of work, especially if each Opportunity requires a quotation. Link2quotes solves those problems by converting any Opp into a professional looking quote that can be sent in an instant. What's more, Link2quotes reports on when those prospects view and accept your quote, even closing the Opportunity as "Won" in your database.
Link2quotes turns your pipeline into profit with ease.

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