Link2calendar launches a new mobile responsive look

Link2calendar launches a new mobile responsive look

Link2calendar has new, more modern look, and it’s mobile responsive too.

In response to our customers requesting a calendar layout that can support their customers booking appointments with them on their mobile devices, we setout to redesign a layout that would do precisely that, and we think you’ll love the results.Link2calendar new1

The screen is now designed to present one day at a time, with a controls to advance a day or month, backwards or forwards at the top. We’ve also included a monthly calendar on the side for easier navigation, as well.

The new layout isn’t simply a new coat of paint, as we’ve added some new features, as well:

  • Time zone drop down selector is now visible to the left of the daily calendar
  • The time slots are now displayed in full-width from right to left to better support smaller mobile displays
  • Link2calendar now also displays the times you’re unavailable in grey, so the days don’t appear in different heights like they did previously with only the available slots visible
  • We’ve now included a “Time lots to book” feature that allows the visitor to view the users availability in 30, 60, or 90-minute increments.
  • A mini-monthly calendar is now visible allowing visitors to easily drill down into any day of the month to check availability. It also displays the day currently being viewed in detail

We think our Link2calendar subscribers will love this new customer-facing interface, as it’s not simply more attractive, but allows easier appointment setting across more platforms – desktop or mobile. 

Turn more of your time into money with Link2calendar, and now look better doing it.  

In the coming weeks we intend to implement the new Keystroke API (K-API) as an alternative data retrieval method, allowing more Act! users (not simply current subscribers with API permissions) to use this service. Soon Act! Pro and off-plan Act! Premium users will have access to this powerful appointment setting program. Through the month of April we intend to make all our API products "K-API Compatible", starting with Handheld Contact API, all our Linktivity products, Act4mail, QuickTasks, and Webplanner. 

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