Book2act family of products to be rebranded as "Linktivity" products

Book2act family of products to be rebranded as "Linktivity" products

Back in early 2019 when we originally brought Book2act to market, the first and only appointment setting program for Act! users, we did not envision that it would inspire an entire family of online products. As we approach the end of 2020, that is precisely what has happened as Book2act was renamed Book2calendar, and then Book2Events came in October 2020, followed shortly thereafter by the soon-to-be-released Book2Forms.

Our short-term roadmap also includes a quoting solution in early 2021, which will be the first of its kind to leverage the Act! Web API to write quotation feedback directly to the Opportunity History, as well as record quote outcomes immediately in Act!. Best of all, it will be the only one to work with all hosted databases, SaaS or APFW, as well as self-hosted customers using Act! Connect Link.

We’re very excited about this roadmap, but it occurred to us that the Book2act naming convention for this family of products was becoming strained. Whether it be calendar links, sign-up pages, survey forms, or even online quotations, the real consistent feature behind all of them was “links”. It is for this reason we’re initiating a rebranding at this time and transitioning all these products to our new “Linktivity” family of products under the domain “”.


The old “Book2” prefixes for each product will be replaced with “Link2”, forming the following products:

  • Link2Calendar: an online calendar sharing service allowing your customers to see your availability and book an appointment with you accordingly.
  • Link2Events: complete event management service integrated with Act! to deliver sign-up forms, reminders, and follow-ups, while linking participants to an event group and activity in Act!
  • Link2Forms: Create online forms, surveys, elections, you name it that integrates all the results, and provide compelling reporting on the results.
  • Link2Quotes (to be released January 2021): Generate HTML quotes based on your existing opportunities, and then send the quote link to customers. All quote view and acceptance activity is recorded immediately to Act!, and you’re notified of all of it.

With the naming convention for each being so similar, we don't anticipate our customers having much issue with this transition, but the change was important at this time. In the New Year we expect Swiftpage to take a much more active role in promoting SaaS compatible products, so it’s important to initiate the rebranding in advance of this.

Moreover, with Book2act being the only product that pre-dates the fall of 2020, we thought it prudent to initiate this rebranding before they all become too well known in the Act! marketplace, and we can proceed into the New Year with a naming convention that much more accurately speaks to the common features of all these online products.

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