Is your email list ready for the holidays?

Yes, this is certainly the time of year for spreading good cheer, but before you email out holiday greetings to all your customers, have you asked yourself if your email list is up to the task? Good tidings do not necessarily yield good results, especially when using an old, unengaged email list. In fact, according to Act!, the average distribution list suffers around 25% decay each year, meaning that a quarter of the emails sent to those lists will bounce. Over time that decay will worsen and
Top five reasons to scrub your email distribution list

Emarketing and marketing automation are an effective and cost-efficient way to generate new leads for your business. However, using old contact details or unscrubbed distribution lists can hurt your future marketing efforts in unexpected ways. Here are the top five reasons to maintain good distribution list hygiene for emarketing: Maintaining sender reputation: Your sender reputation, also known as IP reputation or IP score, is what email providers like Gmail evaluate when they filter
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