Enhance your customer engagement with Link2calendar

Enhance your customer engagement with Link2calendar

Booking meetings with prospects can be a  time-consuming process. A simple meeting request can quickly devolve into many rounds of email ping-pong before a mutually convenient meeting time is agreed to. It was this common frustration that gave rise to popular scheduling tools like Link2calendar, which offer a variety of benefits:

  1. Automated Scheduling: Link2calendar aligns, syncs, and integrates everything around your meetings to add time and focus back to your workday.
  2. Powerful Features: Link2calendar offers a range of powerful features designed to make meeting scheduling as simple and painless as possible. Its best features include custom notifications, meeting reminders, Act! calendar integration, team scheduling, blackout periods, multiple activity types, billing for booked time, mobile responsive interface, and more.
  3. Ease of Use: Link2calendar is very easy to use and has excellent mobile support. Even those who aren’t technically savvy won’t have any trouble working their way around the app.
  4. Great Integration: Link2calendar seamlessly integrates with Act! Premium and Premium Cloud through the Act! Web API, and it instantly checks calendars to avoid schedule conflicts or double-booking.
  5. User Experience: Its UX is intuitive for most people, so it’s easy to get started. The setup is self-explanatory and supports the use of virtual rooms to reduce the manual assignment of specific join links.

These reasons make Link2calendar an ideal choice for individuals, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, teams, and enterprises looking for a simple and efficient way to manage their appointments and meetings in Act!.

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