Your time is valuable, and now Link2calendar helps you sell it

When Link2calendar was released a couple of years ago, it did so with one simple premise - "turn your time into money". This mantra was appealing, but ultimately misleading because you were required to give away your time for free when people booked appointments with you using our service. The presumption was that it facilitated more efficient appointment scheduling, thereby closing sales cycles faster. But what if your time really was your currency, and couldn't be given away for free? What if
Link2forms Team Edition is here!

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Link2forms has been a powerful online forms and survey tool for Act! users for a couple of years now, but until recently the form responses and automated follow-ups could only work with the Link2forms account holder. On our website, this meant all lead inquiries, Act! trials, service and demo requests went to me, and I had to then forward the submissions to the appropriate party. As you might guess, this sometimes-created delays, as I not only
The Top Six reasons Link2quotes Team Edition is the best quoting product for Act! users

Software add-ons that are made to work with all CRM’s will always be a little weaker than those designed to work with one. The simple truth is each CRM works a little differently, they use different API technology, and have different methods, so it’s naturally harder to make an add-on where one size fits all. That was our thinking when we designed the Linktivity series of online products, and most specifically the new Link2quotes Team Edition. Link2quotes Team Edition was designed by Act!
How Link2quotes helped us bounce back from a business setback

Between November 2021 and February 2022 Keystroke lost approximately 20% of our staff to poaching. Our story is not especially unique, as this has become increasingly common in the tech sector. Thankfully these positions have all been filled in recent months and while we’re well on our way to recovering. Unfortunately, we recently discovered some Q1 renewal processes that had slipped through the cracks, specifically where they related to our VIP support plans. From January through April the
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