What is Link2sync, and why should anyone care?

What is Link2sync, and why should anyone care?

Link2sync is the latest Linktivity product, and it serves a very specific market - namely those using QuickTasks and QuickMeets.

If you're not using either of these programs, please click the links above to learn more. If you are, you will find this new service interesting. Link2sync provides a syncing service for these applications so you can sync the data for these apps across multiple computers and even mobile devices. For instance, if you're working on your task list for the day at home, and want to finish it at the office, you can sync QuickTasks on your home computer and then repeat the process at the office, and both installations will be up to date.

Similarly with QuickMeets, which allows you to start preparing for meetings from one computer, and finalize it on another.

In the case of QuickTasks, there are two additional options for syncing, and those are the IOS and Android mobile apps. Now you can "task at the speed of thought" from anywhere, and sync them through Linktivity back to your workstations. Taskmasters love this and are more efficient with it.

Link2sync is priced at $42/year, or $3.50/month (billed annually) so it should be an easy decision for those using one or both of the programs. If you want to Act! better, and get the most from QuickMeets or QuickTasks, subscribe to Link2sync today. Click HERE to learn more.

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