Link2quotes soon to be available in Team Edition

The most common reaction we've had from resellers after demonstrating Link2quotes was "wow, all those features at that price, you're giving it away". It's true, Link2quotes is a full-featured quoting solution that costs less than a quarter of comparable quoting products, but we felt pretty good about the pricing. At $10/month/user (billed annually), any Act! user could be set up within minutes and deliver, track, and close professional quotes with little or no training. As we like to say,
Link2quotes - Professional Quoting Simplified

In the first week of March, we introduced Link2quotes, the final product in our Linktivity Suite. At the time of launch, Link2quotes was a terrific program that instantly converted existing opportunities into quotes. Since the launch date, though, we realized that for this program to be widely adopted, users needed to be able to do everything within our quoting console, so we added a number of new features to help them more easily create and close quotes. The new features are as follows: the
How to intelligently ask your customers what they need

Some questions are easier to answer than others, but sometimes the trick is in asking. If you want to understand what your customers need or want, ask them, but this is often easier said than done. For instance, do many business people have time to call all their customers, arrange a meeting time, and then extract from them what they want or need? More often than not, these customers will be busy with their own business, and be more interested in wrapping up the call quickly than sharing their
New Linktivity bundle saves you half off the regular price

Everyone likes a deal, and the more you spend, the more you should save. This premise was the inspiration behind our new Linktivity Bundle which includes all our products for only $300. If purchased individually, these combined programs would cost $588/year, so this bundle represents 50% off the normal list price. But more than just savings, we're starting to build in synergies between the program, so you can surface Linktivity features across the different products. For instance, we're
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