Book2act family of products to be rebranded as "Linktivity" products

Back in early 2019 when we originally brought Book2act to market, the first and only appointment setting program for Act! users, we did not envision that it would inspire an entire family of online products. As we approach the end of 2020, that is precisely what has happened as Book2act was renamed Book2calendar, and then Book2Events came in October 2020, followed shortly thereafter by the soon-to-be-released Book2Forms. Our short-term roadmap also includes a quoting solution in early 2021,
Turn your time into money with the new & improved Book2act

Whether you're in sales or service, time is likely your most valuable asset, but often the means to managing that time with your customers is clumsy and fraught with needless delays, as vendors & customers go back and forth by email trying to find a mutually convenient time to meet. And wasted time is wasted money. The new & improved Book2act solves this problem by sharing your Act! calendar with those people trying to book your time. Display your Book2act link in your email
Turn your time into money with Book2act

Time is money. There is nothing new about this truism, but the way we manage our time would not always suggest we accept this as fact. Too often chunks of productive time during the work week get frittered away as we try to coordinate meeting times with our customers & prospects. Literally every day I’ll have someone try to book a time with me, and after several emails back and forth we end up aligning our calendars the following week, or the week after that. For professional services
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