Survey - Link2forms Series

Survey - Link2forms Series

Continuing our Top 6-Ways Series to turn your website into a lead generation machine for only $15/month, read below about Surveys

Small businesses spend a lot of money on their website, and often more with ongoing SEO marketing efforts. Developing a website typically costs thousands, and maintaining a competitive organic Google ranking can cost thousands more.

Here is the last of six ways to incorporate Link2forms into your website to generate more leads for your business and create a workflow that saves time and gets results.


When a vendor publishes their customer satisfaction ratings, it generally reflects a company that cares. If they care enough to ask their customers for feedback, it likely means they're committed enough to score higher in customer satisfaction. Needless to say, publishing strong ratings lends to public trust & confidence!

So what if your small business had the same commitment to customer satisfaction, but lacked the technology and manpower to collect and report on this feedback? Don't worry, Link2forms has got you covered. 
Our surveys can be added to your website, or included in a post-purchase email asking what they thought of your product or service. And when it comes to these customer satisfaction surveys, it's not enough to ask, it's getting them to answer. That's why Link2forms includes handy survey tools like star ratings and easy ranking sliders that allow your customers to reply to each question with a single click. If it's fast and easy, they're more likely to respond.  
ratingsOnce the feedback is collected, Link2forms then compiles, ranks, and presents the results in a variety of formats, including bar and pie charts, and KPI's, as you can see from the samples below (click to enlarge). These results can also be narrowed by date ranges for surveys that you post on your site over longer periods of time. Imagine being able to boast on your website that "90% of the people who used our services, gave us 4 out of 5 stars, with 95% of them reporting they would refer us to a friend". That's a powerful message, and Link2forms allows you to back those boasts up with hard statistics.    

Publishing these results on your website lends to public confidence in you as a vendor, which in turn makes people more likely to pick you over your competition. Perhaps this is why online stores like AppStore and Google Play prominently display them at the top of each product listing. It works.  

Link2forms costs only $15/month (billed annually) and can be customized to seamlessly fit into any website theme. The forms & surveys are all responsive, and can easily be fit into iframes on your website, either as a narrow single column width form, or one that fits part or full page in width. Link2forms even generates the embedded HTML code for you to paste into any module in your website's content management system (CMS). And yes, all our forms or surveys include a captcha to help stave off those nasty bots.

Visit to sign-up for a two-week trial, or watch our recent Link2forms webinar, and learn how your website can be converted into a 24-hour a-day lead generation machine for your business for only 50-cents a day. 

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