You are what you eat, but databases are what they're fed

You are what you eat. This is true of people and CRMs. With people, it’s more about what they eat, and with CRMs it’s more about how they’re fed. A CRM that relies on user updates only will quickly fall into disuse because each time you log in the data will be exactly as you left it. You’ll have the field data you entered, the appointments you scheduled, and the notes & histories you logged, and nothing else.  Now, what if you logged in and found new tasks
The four main reasons you shouldn't use MS Word or Excel to quote

At one point or another, we've all done it. We've prepared a quote in Word or Excel because it was readily available, and there are templates to make it look easy. The problem is when this approach creeps into your everyday quoting practice, it can prove much more of a hindrance than a help. Here are the four main reasons you should not let your salespeople quote with MS Word or Excel: Professional Appearance: Excel or Word documents are a poor representation of your company. If you
Does your CONTACT US page serve your business needs?

Most websites have a Contact Us page. They're so common, in fact, many business owners treat them as an afterthought, leading them to often fail at their most basic objective; to effectively engage visitors. This may seem of little consequence, but an inefficent Contact Us page can hurt businesses more than they suspect, because whether this initial engagement translates into a lead, an answered question, or simply making the visitor feel heard; this page is the start of most business
Does your website talk to your CRM? If not, why not?

Most websites have forms. Some are for quote or service requests and product inquiries, while others are just standard Contact Us page. Whatever the case, the information entered into these forms should not end in an email. Emails get missed, and even when they hit their mark, they still need someone to type all the information into the CRM manually, and then schedule a follow-up. Now imagine if your landing page did all those tasks for you automatically? It would add new contacts to your
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