Link2quotes now includes automatic quantity discounting

Link2quotes now includes automatic quantity discounting

Whether you're the seller or buyer, some things just make the quoting process easier, and automatic quantity discounting is one of them.

Yesterday we introduced this new feature to Link2quotes, and we think it'll streamline the quoting process significantly by eliminating much of the normal back-and-forth communication that can stretch out sales cycles. 

The concept of quantity discounts is not new. Businesses have offered "buy more, save more" promotions for ages, but implementing these discounts into the quoting process can be tricky. For instance, inexperienced sales reps don't always know the pricing tiers for each product or service,  or forget to upsell the customer when appropriate. Customers, for their part, seldom know when (or if) quantity discounts apply to them, and could end up buying less than they would otherwise.

Automatic quantity discounting avoids these problems, and when combined with the ability for customers to adjust quantities in the same quote, this feature dramatically enhances the selling process. 

Consider the savings these combined quoting features provide:

  • Saves time:  the quoting process often gets extended as the customer tries to decide the number of products & services they need to buy. Allowing people to adjust the quantity on their own, while having the unit rate adjust accordingly, cuts down on a lot of back-and-forth quote adjustments, and allows the buyer to find the "sweet spot" on their own.
  • Quantity DiscountsSaves angst:  Many prospects like to boast of a champagne budget to get your best price, but end up having a beer-sized wallet when it's time to buy. Not surprisingly, these buyers often still feel entitled to the same quantity discount even after they've reduced the quantity, and now it's the sales rep's job to be the bearer of bad news. With automatic quantity discounting, this isn't a problem. The buyer can adjust the quantity up or down on their own, and they'll instantly see the effect these changes have on the unit rate. This process not only adds legitimacy to the sellers pricing tiers, but it absolves the sales rep of any responsibility for these changes. 
  • Saves training:  New sales reps have enough to learn in terms of products, processes, and procedures to also have to remember pricing tiers. By structuring all the quantity discounts into the quoting system's products, the sales rep need only select the right product, and the appropriate price will ripple out on its own.
  • Saves customers:  allowing customers to save money with smarter buying is always good business. For instance, a sales rep that can show a customer how to get ten products for the price of nine, based on quantity discounts, not only has a higher chance of closing the deal, but they get a more loyal customer, as well. 

An efficient quoting system helps businesses sell more with less effort, and look better doing it. Link2quotes is simply the best quoting solution on the market for Act! users. If you're lucky enough to use Act!, we hope you join us on Thursday, July 20th at 3PM as we host a webinar to demonstrate these exciting new features.

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