Link2forms now supports signatures

Publishing online forms is a common way to capture contact information in your CRM. However, sometimes these forms must serve a more formal or legal purpose, requiring the submitter to officially sign the form, and the vendor to capture these submissions in a legal document. These purposes are less about marketing and more about operations, and in some ways more important to the company publishing them.  Recognizing the importance of this feature to our customers, we're excited to announce
What is Link2sync, and why should anyone care?

Link2sync is the latest Linktivity product, and it serves a very specific market - namely those using QuickTasks and QuickMeets. If you're not using either of these programs, please click the links above to learn more. If you are, you will find this new service interesting. Link2sync provides a syncing service for these applications so you can sync the data for these apps across multiple computers and even mobile devices. For instance, if you're working on your task list for the
Email History recording without Outlook is almost here!

We love Act4outlook. Not only is it the best-selling Act! addon of all time, but it has successfully filled a customer need for years. Unfortunately, this addon is not a solution for larger deployments and organizations that don't use Outlook as an email client. Reliable email History recording is a must for many industries, and with the emergence of web-based emails and GSuite, the number of Act! users forsaking Outlook is growing, and we wanted to provide them a centralized solution that was
Are your online quote requests dying in your inbox?

Most businesses that publish online quote request forms do so with little or no strategy. These forms are typically published on their website as a wish, and often generate an email to some hapless employee who has to stop whatever they're doing each time to process them. Needless to say, if these quote requests come in with enough regularity, it's easy to see some, if not many of them slipping through the cracks, and leads getting squandered. Process failure, not a human oneThis breakdown is
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