Link2quotes is a game-changer for businesses

Link2quotes is a game-changer for businesses

Quoting software like Link2quotes can be a game-changer for businesses, especially those that deal with a high volume of quotes. The Link2quotes online quoting console allows you to quickly & easily create a professional-looking quote, add customers on the fly, offer a wide variety of product & service options; dress it up with pictures & videos, and then click to send from any device or computer. The best part of Link2quotes is its seamless integration with Act!- creating Contacts, Opportunities, and follow-ups on the fly while writing every step of the sales process to the History in Act!.

Here are some of the best reasons to implement Link2quotes into your business:

  1. Efficiency and Time Savings: Link2quotes automates the quoting process, eliminating manual data entry and calculations, reducing the likelihood of errors, and allowing for faster quote generation. It also allows you to batch-edit quotes and send out updates in bulk.

  2. Accuracy: Link2quotes helps you create accurate project quotes for clients, based on your relevant project data. It can generate more accurate quotes, which can help build trust with potential new business. A well-structured quote form can also spell out all the terms & conditions for the sale, reducing the business liability.

  3. Integration with Act!: Link2quotes usually integrates with your Act! CRM, and can be coupled with Qsales to integrate with QuickBooks, as well. This allows for seamless data flow and improved business processes.

  4. Onboarding new sales reps : Link2quotes helps onboard new sales reps into the business faster, accelerating their speed to profitability, and reducing errors. A good quoting software will make it easier for the new sales rep to learn the products & services of the business, adapt to the pricing variances & sales taxes, and conform to the sales workflow. Link2quotes also implements guardrails for new sales reps with an admin approval process that requires quotes to be approved by a supervisor before they can be released.

  5. Quote Management: Link2quotes handles calculating, creating, and managing all the quotes for your business. It also provides quote status updates with click-thru tracking and other notifications, as well as processing payments of accepted quotes.

  6. Customizability: Link2quotes is customizable so that different quote templates can be used for specific business departments, languages, or even products and/or services.

In a nutshell, Link2quotes can help businesses quote faster, more accurately, and manage their quotes better. If you're an Act! user looking to generate more sales for your business, you owe it to yourself to try Link2quotes. Start your 2-week free trial HERE today.

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