New Linktivity Bundles tailor-made for your business

Typically, our “Product-of-the-Month” highlights a recently enhanced product that we offer at a discount to encourage customers to try it. However, this month we’re taking a different approach. We’re introducing product bundles tailored for a specific demographic - Solopreneurs. These individuals single-handedly manage their businesses, serving as the President, accountant, salesperson, marketer, administrator, and chief bottle washer. Recognizing that time is their most valuable asset,
Act! launches distribution partnership with Linktivity

Keystroke is pleased to announce today's launch of our new Linktivity distribution partnership with Act! LLC.  Linktivity is a suite of online applications that are seamlessly integrated with Act! through the Act! Web API, and add powerful lead generation, capture, and conversion capabilities for Act! users. This partnership will initially be focused on Act! Premium Cloud users, and will offer exclusive bundles of select Team products at 25% off the regular rate. These bundles will only be
Is your email list ready for the holidays?

Yes, this is certainly the time of year for spreading good cheer, but before you email out holiday greetings to all your customers, have you asked yourself if your email list is up to the task? Good tidings do not necessarily yield good results, especially when using an old, unengaged email list. In fact, according to Act!, the average distribution list suffers around 25% decay each year, meaning that a quarter of the emails sent to those lists will bounce. Over time that decay will worsen and
Top nine tips to making great web forms

Web forms are great for businesses because they allow them to collect and manage information from their website visitors in an easy and efficient way. A well-constructed web form can help businesses achieve the following:  Generating leads and contacts Conducting market research and user feedback to improve products or services. Providing e-commerce opportunities to sell products or services online. Automating workflows and processes by routing data to the appropriate person or system
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