January - February Linktivity Updates

FEB 27-29, 2024 - LINKTIVITY Consulting tools Linktivity made it easier for consultants to use. With our new internal changes, consultants can now create a workspace for their customers within their own Linktivity account, invite them to join, and set up the products they want to try. When the trial period ends, consultants can buy and apply the license to the same workspace. They can also invite and manage multiple users from the same customer team. To support the Linktivity consulting
Linktivity products now all available in French

As the Act! Canadian MVAR, our commitment to the French market in this country has always been strong. So it is with pride that we announce today that all Linktivity products are now available in French. This was not a small accomplishment given the number of programs and the volume of text involved in the Linktivity suite, but it was a goal we were committed to from the outset. The Linktivity.net website has been translated for some time, but the programs themselves presented a different
Linktivity adds new privacy options for GDPR Compliance

As Act! LLC is now a distributor of Linktivity products, we have expanded our geographic coverage significantly. This means we must comply with different regions' regulations, such as the GDPR in the European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, is about protecting people's privacy, and us providing our subscribers the ability to easily respect those privacy rights. We understand that our subscribers will collect personal information from consumers, such as
Know who completed your questionnaires without them telling you

Questionnaires are an effective way to collect customer feedback. This feedback can help you decide what products or services to offer, and how to market them. However, customers are busy and may not have time to share their opinions, so you must use smart strategies to design your questions. Here are three proven rules: Make the questionnaire brief Only ask questions that matter to the respondents Don’t ask questions that you already know the answer to These three tips all emphasize
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