Top five reasons to scrub your email distribution list

Emarketing and marketing automation are an effective and cost-efficient way to generate new leads for your business. However, using old contact details or unscrubbed distribution lists can hurt your future marketing efforts in unexpected ways. Here are the top five reasons to maintain good distribution list hygiene for emarketing: Maintaining sender reputation: Your sender reputation, also known as IP reputation or IP score, is what email providers like Gmail evaluate when they filter
Top seven reasons to use webforms for your business

Web forms are a crucial tool for businesses to obtain the information they need from their potential customers. They can collect data, evaluate products or services, start a conversation, sell products, get feedback from offers, and allow visitors to comment. Web forms can have a powerful impact on a business. According to Venture Harbor, a well-designed multi-step form converted 53% of site visitors to leads. Marketers use web forms for several reasons — to complete an order, keep track
Best reasons to implement surveys into your business

With the recent release of Link2surveys, the latest product in our Linktivity suite, we wanted to list the top reasons surveys can be a powerful tool for businesses: Inexpensive Research Method: Surveys are one of the most inexpensive methods of gathering quantitative data. They can be self-administered, allowing access to a large amount of information from a broad demographic in a relatively short time. Practical Data Gathering: Surveys provide a practical way to gather
Understand your customers better with Link2surveys

Understanding your customers is crucial for any business, which is why we’re so excited about the release of our next Linktivity product – Link2surveys. Unlike the survey feature in our popular Link2forms, Link2surveys is designed to allow you to build intelligent surveys with decision trees that present questions based on how they answered previous questions. For instance, if we asked our customers if they used email marketing in their business and they said “no”, we might not want
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