New Linktivity Bundles tailor-made for your business

New Linktivity Bundles tailor-made for your business

Typically, our “Product-of-the-Month” highlights a recently enhanced product that we offer at a discount to encourage customers to try it. However, this month we’re taking a different approach. We’re introducing product bundles tailored for a specific demographic - Solopreneurs. These individuals single-handedly manage their businesses, serving as the President, accountant, salesperson, marketer, administrator, and chief bottle washer. Recognizing that time is their most valuable asset, we’ve curated bundles to help them reclaim more of it.

Our Linktivity Solopreneur bundles are designed to help them economize on the features they need to accomplish more in less time. Here are the details:

Each Solopreneur bundle will include a core set of four Linktivity apps to assist with marketing and lead generation:

  • All Solopreneur bundles will include a base of four Linktivity apps to help with marketing & lead generation. Set 1 Shrink Calendar List Sync
    • Link2calendar: Publish your Act! calendar so people can see when you're available and book a time with you, add appointments immediately to your calendar, and notify both parties of the booking
    • Link2list: Email verification service that works inside of Act! to quickly & easily validate your contact's email addresses.
    • Link2shrink: Helps you shorten, organize, and track all your links in one place. 
    • Link2sync: Linking your Quick apps through Linktivity

  • This base of apps would then be bundled with the standard tier of one of these four main Linktivity apps, namely:
    • Link2forms: This enableslinktivity products2 you to create custom web forms that integrate seamlessly into your website and instantly feed data back to your Act! database.
    • Link2quotes:  You can quickly and easily generate professional quotes for your Act! contacts, complete with click-through tracking and payment processing.
    • Link2surveys:  This lets you gather customer feedback with integrated surveys for your contacts.
    • Link2events: Helps you maximize attendance at your online events while minimizing the cost and effort to organize them.

Ordinarily, the combined cost of each of these bundles would be $462 USD, but we’re offering them at a 40% discount, reducing the price to $278 ($23.16/month, billed annually). This bundle offers such outstanding value that you get the five apps for less than the cost of purchasing Link2list and any of the four other apps individually.

And subscribing to the Solopreneur bundle is easy. Simply select the bundle option as displayed below, and you'll be prompted to add one of the four additional programs - Link2quotes, Link2forms, Link2surveys, or Link2events to complete it. That's it.


Please note that these bundles are intended for individual users, so none of the products within them can be upgraded to the Team edition, nor can the quantity of any of the components be increased as part of the same deal. While these quality/quantity upgrades are available to customers, they would disrupt the bundles at renewal, necessitating the individual renewal of each product.

The Solopreneurs bundles will be available starting Monday, January 8th.

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