Benefits of using Event Management software

Benefits of using Event Management software

Hosting online events like webinars, training sessions, or even networking meetings can be great for business, but organizing them can be a job in itself. If you're lucky enough to be an Act! user, there is a simple solution that will simplify this process easier called Link2events. Link2events is a powerful online event management solution that can significantly enhance the efficiency of the planning and execution of your events.

Here are some key benefits of using Link2events:

  1. Easier Event Management: Link2events makes the entire process easier to manage. From scheduling the event in Act!, publishing the event sign-up page, managing the RSVPs, distributing invites & join links, sending reminders, and scheduling follow-ups, Link2events does it all. 

  2. Saves Time: By centralizing all of your tasks into one virtual event platform that integrates with Act!, where you already have all your invitees, Link2events saves you and your team valuable time by avoiding manual tasks and duplication of effort. No time is wasted importing & exporting data from 3rd party products because everything is organized in Act!.
    The following manual tasks are now automated:
    - The event is automatically scheduled in Act!, or imported from Act! with all event settings migrated over.
    - new sign-ups are added immediately into your database, and existing contacts are updated accordingly. Both are organized in a group automatically created for the event.
    - The event join-links are distributed only to those registrants with a verified email address, and include an ICS for easy importing into their scheduling software
    - reminders and drip campaigns are delivered at predetermined intervals
    - follow-ups are scheduled and delivered at a set time after the event concludes to maximize your ROI

  3. Cut Costs:  Webinar services like GoToWebinar can be 5-10x more expensive than their Meeting counterpart (eg., GoToMeeting), with neither of them integrating with Act!. Link2events not only bridges the feature gap between Meeting and Webinar services, but it also allows you to use the less expensive option while integrating with your CRM. You get the best of both for less.

  4. Increase Engagement:  Link2events allows you to design and publish eye-catching sign-up pages for your website, social media, and emarketing campaigns. Link2events also allows you to provide additional documentation, a list of upcoming events, and the opportunity to book one-on-one meetings with the organizer. You can also automate all the reminders and follow-ups needed to maximize your turnout and trigger ad hoc reminders.

  5. Analyze and Improve: Link2events provides organizers with constant updates of their event's registration activity, allowing them to make adjustments based on the expected attendance. Link2events also displays the running count of registrants in the Link2events dashboard for each event.

  6. Improve Attendee Experience: Link2events can greatly improve the attendee experience by providing them the nudges, event details, calendar invites, and additional information they need to engage with enthusiasm.

  7. Powerful and Valuable Data: The best part of Link2events is that all registration & communication data is written to Act!. Contacts are organized in groups, linked to the activity, and easily added to future marketing campaigns with Act! Marketing Automation. 

Link2events is a powerful online event management solution that allows you to organize and promote more successful events with less time, effort, and cost. Start your 2-week free trial today by clicking HERE.

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