Top 6-Ways to turn your website into a lead generation machine for only $15/month

Top 6-Ways to turn your website into a lead generation machine for only $15/month

Small businesses spend a lot of money on their website, and often more with ongoing SEO marketing efforts. Developing a website typically costs thousands, and maintaining a competitive organic Google ranking can cost thousands more.

However, all these efforts & expenses seldom include an efficient way to capture and convert website feedback as leads. Fewer still leverage their CRM to automate follow-ups to these leads. Thankfully for Act! users, there is now an easy-to-use online service called Link2forms that allows subscribers to quickly create forms and surveys that seamlessly blend into their existing website, and add/update their database with the contact information & feedback provided by each website visitor. What's more, Link2forms can be configured to trigger follow-ups in Act!, so all website input gets actioned, and for only $15/month.

Here are the top six ways to incorporate Link2forms into your website to generate more leads for your business and create a workflow that saves time and gets results.

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Link2forms costs only $15/month (billed annually) and can be customized to seamlessly fit into any website theme. The forms & surveys are all responsive, and can easily be fit into iframes on your website, either as a narrow single column width form, or one that fits part or full page in width. Link2forms even generates the embedded HTML code for you to paste into any module in your website's content management system (CMS). And yes, all our forms or surveys include a captcha to help stave off those nasty bots.

Visit to sign-up for a two-week trial, or watch our recent Link2forms webinar, and learn how your website can be converted into a 24-hour a-day lead generation machine for your business for only 50-cents a day. 

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