Ne laissez pas vos demandes de soumission en ligne passent inaperçues

La plupart des entreprises qui publient des formulaires de demande de soumission en ligne le font avec peu ou pas de stratégie. Ces formulaires sont généralement publiés sur leur site Web comme un souhait, et souvent génèrent un courriel à un employé qui doit arrêter tout ce qu’il fait pour les traiter. Il va sans dire que si ces demandes de soumission arrivent avec assez de régularité, il est facile de voir certaines, sinon beaucoup d’entre eux passent inaperçues. Échec du
Exciting new changes to Linktivity on the way

On the eve of the release of three major new features of Link2forms, we thought we'd share what we have planned for the Linktivity product suite in general this coming month.  French TranslationFor Linktivity in general, we plan to implement a complete French translation of all the products in this online suite by the end of the year. Currently, only Link2calendar is available in English and French, but we'll be updating the rest of the products in the coming weeks. As the Act!
Does your website talk to your CRM? If not, why not?

Most websites have forms. Some are for quote or service requests and product inquiries, while others are just standard Contact Us page. Whatever the case, the information entered into these forms should not end in an email. Emails get missed, and even when they hit their mark, they still need someone to type all the information into the CRM manually, and then schedule a follow-up. Now imagine if your landing page did all those tasks for you automatically? It would add new contacts to your
Link2forms Team Edition is here!

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Link2forms has been a powerful online forms and survey tool for Act! users for a couple of years now, but until recently the form responses and automated follow-ups could only work with the Link2forms account holder. On our website, this meant all lead inquiries, Act! trials, service and demo requests went to me, and I had to then forward the submissions to the appropriate party. As you might guess, this sometimes-created delays, as I not only
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