Turn your time into money with Book2act

Turn your time into money with Book2act

Time is money.

There is nothing new about this truism, but the way we manage our time would not always suggest we accept this as fact. Too often chunks of productive time during the work week get frittered away as we try to coordinate meeting times with our customers & prospects.

Literally every day I’ll have someone try to book a time with me, and after several emails back and forth we end up aligning our calendars the following week, or the week after that. For professional services like tech support or consulting, who literally make their living off their time, these delays mean lost or delayed revenue.

Unfortunately, short of hiring a secretary or an appointment setting service, there are few cost effective solutions available to Act! users to efficiently book time with their customers, and maximize their earning potential.

That is what inspired us to create Book2act, an online service that allows you to publish your availability during your customized work week, and give your customers the ability to book appointments with you at the earliest mutually convenient time.

It’s that simple.

Your customers click on a personalized link that displays all the time blocks you’re available that week.  These times are customizable in length, can include meeting buffers, alarms, and priorities. You set what hours or days you want to be available, and you can even blacklist dates you want off for vacation, statutory holiday, or any other reason.

If nothing suits the customer that week, they can keep advancing week by week until they find a time that works for them, and then they click and book an appointment with you. It’s that easy.

The appointment shows up immediately in your Act! calendar, and if that contact is in your database the activity is linked to them, and if they're not, they get added and then linked.  And if that were not easy enough, Book2act even offers to send them an Outlook invite so both of you are reminded of that appointment when it’s due.

You can publish this personalized Book2act link in your email signature, social media, your website, some other digital presence you manage, or all of the above.  Where ever it’s going to get the maximum visibility, Book2act turns your time into money.



  • Availability: June 3rd, 2019
    Annual Subscription: $60/user/database
  • Prerequisites:
    • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
    • Act! Premium Cloud with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
    • A Book2act subscription
    • Act! WebAPI v405 or higher.


To learn more, visit www.book2act.com and sign-up for a 2-week trial today.

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