Calls to Action - a Link2forms Series

Calls to Action - a Link2forms Series

Continuing our Top 6-Ways Series to turn your website into a lead generation machine for only $15/month, read below about Calls-to-action

Small businesses spend a lot of money on their website, and often more with ongoing SEO marketing efforts. Developing a website typically costs thousands, and maintaining a competitive organic Google ranking can cost thousands more.

CTAHere is the first of six ways to incorporate Link2forms into your website to generate more leads for your business and create a workflow that saves time and gets results.

Calls to Action:

Any SEO analyst will tell you that having a beautiful website is pointless if it doesn't generate a reaction from visitors. These are often referred to as "Calls-to-Action" or CTA's, and they're designed to capture responses from your visitors so that you can recognize them as potential leads.

CTA's are small forms typically placed around product information or promotional pages and include click-baiting titles like "Want to learn how this product can save you money?" or "Get a Free Demo", or "Want to try before you buy?". Whatever the question, a strategically placed form can allow visitors to easily provide a small bit of contact information (typically no more than name, email, and phone), and this information would instantly be added to your Act! database as a new lead. If you add a memo field to the form (like in the sample to the right), the submitter can also ask a question that your team can follow up on.

Link2forms adds a History to the new or updated contact record in Act!, which includes details of any form responses they provide. It even alerts you immediately by email of the submission. 

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