Contact Us Page - Link2forms Series

Contact Us Page - Link2forms Series

Continuing our Top 6-Ways Series to turn your website into a lead generation machine for only $15/month, read below about Contact Us Pages

Small businesses spend a lot of money on their website, and often more with ongoing SEO marketing efforts. Developing a website typically costs thousands, and maintaining a competitive organic Google ranking can cost thousands more.

Here is the second of six ways to incorporate Link2forms into your website to generate more leads for your business and create a workflow that saves time and gets results.

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All websites should contain a "Contact Us" page, but most are a bridge to nowhere. They typically display the hours of operation, along with contact information like email, phone number, and mailing address. Even the ones that include a form for the visitor to fill out often just result in an email being sent to a team member. That team member must then add the contents of that email to your database and then schedule a follow-up. 

What if you could add a form to the Contact Us page that did all three steps at once? With Link2forms, anyone completing the Contact Us form gets instantly added to your database, their History updated with their question, and an activity added to your calendar to follow up with them. And as you learned in point #1, you're also notified immediately by email.

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