Does your website talk to your CRM? If not, why not?

Does your website talk to your CRM? If not, why not?

Most websites have forms. Some are for quote or service requests and product inquiries, while others are just standard Contact Us page. Whatever the case, the information entered into these forms should not end in an email. Emails get missed, and even when they hit their mark, they still need someone to type all the information into the CRM manually, and then schedule a follow-up.

Now imagine if your landing page did all those tasks for you automatically? It would add new contacts to your database, or update existing ones, organize them into groups, and record the details of all those online submissions into Act! instantly. It can even schedule a follow-up to ensure these leads don’t slip through the cracks.

Sounds good, right?

Now imagine this service costing you only $15/month. That’s not a typo. Easy-to-create secure online forms that blend seamlessly into your website, populate your CRM, and then schedule follow-ups for only $180 per year.

The use-cases for this lead generation service are endless. Businesses can use it to post sign-up pages for product trials, white papers, or new videos, and then have the answer page provide the user details on how to get those assets. They can even use the integrated survey feature to harvest customer feedback, and report on the results with charts and KPI’s.

This online service is called Link2forms, and it’s part of the Linktivity Suite of products that works exclusively with Act!.

And for an additional $5/month you could upgrade to Link2forms Team edition, and be able to assign form follow-ups to any member of your team, as well as trigger drip email campaigns after a form is completed. That’s right, Link2forms Team edition allows you to create a drip campaign of up to 5-separate emails to optimize your chance of lead conversion, and improve the customer experience. These nurture emails can be used to send them knowledgebase articles, product videos, surveys, FAQ’s, you name it, and all of this will happen automatically after one of your visitors completes a form on your website (the drip campaign feature will be added to Link2forms team Edition by November 15th).

So I’ll ask again. If your website forms aren’t doing all this for your business, why not, because it may be time to switch to Link2forms.

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