Link2forms Team Edition is here!

Link2forms Team Edition is here!

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Link2forms has been a powerful online forms and survey tool for Act! users for a couple of years now, but until recently the form responses and automated follow-ups could only work with the Link2forms account holder.

On our website, this meant all lead inquiries, Act! trials, service and demo requests went to me, and I had to then forward the submissions to the appropriate party. As you might guess, this sometimes-created delays, as I not only had to forward the submission, but also follow-up with that party to ensure it got taken care of.

My only alternative was to have all party’s setup their own Link2forms account, create the forms themselves, and then send me the content to publish on the website. Needless to say, if this option was inconvenient for me when I get all the Link2forms accounts for free, it would have limited appeal to subscribers having to pay $180/year for each user.

This inspired us to develop Link2forms Team Edition.

The concept with Link2forms Team Edition is simple. You create all the forms as you did previously, but now can assign a “form owner” to each from a dropdown list of database users. The new teams option means the assigned form owner now gets all the form submissions directly, and the form’s follow-ups are now scheduled in Act! for them instead of the account holder.

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Link2forms team Edition1

Link2forms team Edition

The net effect of this small change is as follows:

  • Form submissions get to the right people, faster
  • Time is not wasted confirming receipt of forwarded requests
  • The follow-ups are scheduled for the right people the first time, meaning tasks needn’t be re-assigned, and they get completed faster
  • A small upcharge of $60/year to one account saves a company from having to pay $180 for each user who needs to manage their own forms.
  • Saves training as only one user, namely the account holder, needs to learn how to make and publish forms and surveys

We’re confident Act! workgroups will love the new “Team Edition” of Link2forms, and certainly welcome the savings and efficiency that come with it. Click HERE to start your free trial today.

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