Linktivity products now all available in French

Linktivity products now all available in French

As the Act! Canadian MVAR, our commitment to the French market in this country has always been strong. So it is with pride that we announce today that all Linktivity products are now available in French. This was not a small accomplishment given the number of programs and the volume of text involved in the Linktivity suite, but it was a goal we were committed to from the outset. The website has been translated for some time, but the programs themselves presented a different challenge.

Logistically it was important to complete the feature backlog before starting the translations, but with recent updates, we were clear to begin this work, and this morning we pushed the final changes. This means French users can now use Link2calendar, Link2forms, Link2events, Link2quotes, Link2list, Link2surveys, and Link2shrink in their native language.

We hope this allows the Quebec and France markets to benefit from these powerful Act! integration tools for creating, capturing, and converting leads for their business.

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