January - February Linktivity Updates

January - February Linktivity Updates

FEB 27-29, 2024 - LINKTIVITY

Consulting tools

  • Linktivity made it easier for consultants to use. With our new internal changes, consultants can now create a workspace for their customers within their own Linktivity account, invite them to join, and set up the products they want to try. When the trial period ends, consultants can buy and apply the license to the same workspace. They can also invite and manage multiple users from the same customer team.
  • To support the Linktivity consulting tools, we later added support for deleting workspaces. As this process can purge data and licensing, we've added numerous security checks, as well as a trash bin where the workspaces can be recovered for up to 30 days from the date of deletion.
  • Learn more at https://www.keystroke.ca/en/blog/news/keystroke-adds-consultant-tools-to-linktivity.html

FEB 21, 2024 - LINK2QUOTES

Service Templates

Understanding that people who quote products have different needs than those who quote services, we recently added several new Layout options for both.

  • For service layouts, we have removed unit rates & quantities and added a wider service descriptions section that wraps from side to side for more details. Moreover, the top section looks less like a bill of sale, and more like a proposal. The preface section is enabled by default for service providers to spell out any presumptions or project conditions in detail.
  • In this new quote layout, each section header is shaded and includes the extended price for that section, followed by the more verbose service description.
  • Learn more at But I don't sell products, how can I use Link2quotes?

 FEB 19, 2024 - LINKTIVITY

GDPR & PIPEDA Compliance tools

We recently made the following changes to our Linktivity Workspace settings to enable our subscribers to erase this consumer data from their Linktivity records easily.

  • In the Workspace Settings (under General Settings), users will be able to scroll down and click on the “Purge Personal Information” button (only accessible by an Admin), and select which Linktivity program data they want to erase. They can choose all or specific programs.
  • Similarly, in the same Workspace Settings, we are also adding an option to schedule the deletion of all customer data after a certain number of days. Like the manual purge, subscribers can choose the data from all or some programs to delete, and it will be done automatically at the frequency they set. Manual purging will still be available even with a schedule in place, so the subscriber is always in charge.
  • Learn more at Linktivity adds new privacy options for GDPR Compliance

To be clear, statistical data such as the responses people give in surveys or web forms will remain untouched, as well as the sales data from Link2quotes. Only the consumer details related to the GDPR will be removed.


Added support for Copying other people on forms, events, calendars, and survey submissions

  • We've had numerous requests to add support for copying other people when submissions are made to Link2forms, Link2calendar, Link2vents, and Link2surveys, much like we currently have with Link2quotes when a quote is accepted. Today this feature has been implemented in the Team tier of all these products in the settings page of each. These fields allow non-users to be copied on submission notifications.


Expiring Subscription Notice

  • Linktivity has added an expiring subscription notice to the homepage for any customer subscriptions due in the next 14 days, as well as those that have lapsed in the past 30 days. This section is highlighted in yellow in the top right of the homepage after logging in.

JAN 13, 2024 - LINK2FORMS

Merging Form URL with Contact GUID

JAN 13, 2024 - LINK2LIST

Scan blocks now survive subscription

  • Scan blocks no longer expire when the Link2list subscription expires. Now, when a customer renews their subscription late, the existing scan block balance will remain there, plus the block of 500 added to the renewed subscription.

JAN 13, 2024 - LINK2FORMS

Annual event fields

  • Added support for Annual Event field type in the mapped contact fields for date field in Link2forms

JAN 13, 2024 - LINK2QUOTES

Field Mapping for Purchase Orders

  • Link2quotes now supports mapping the Purchase Order (PO) number entered during the acceptance process to a corresponding field in Act opportunities.
  • In the field mapping area, there is now an option to map a "PO number" field to an existing Opportunity field, or create a new one and then map it
  • Any purchase order numbers entered by the customer when they accept the quote will now be synced to that field in the Opportunity linked to that quote


New Solopreneur Bundle

  • Every small business is different. This is why we've created the Linktivity Solopreneur bundle that not only saves you 40% on powerful lead-gen tools, but you can complete on your own.
    The Solopreneur Bundle gives you access to four standard-tier applications from Linktivity for only $278/year, instead of $460/year. These are Link2calendar, Link2list, Link2shrink, and Link2sync, which are designed to help you create and convert leads for your small businesses. You can also customize your Solopreneur bundle by adding one of the following standard-tier products from Linktivity, according to your preference: Link2quotes, Link2forms, Link2events, and Link2surveys.

  • This bundle became available January 8th, 2024

  • Learn more at New Linktivity Bundles tailor-made for your business

PLEASE NOTE: these bundles are intended for individual users, so none of the products within them can be upgraded to the Team edition, nor can the quantity of any of the components be increased as part of the same deal. While these quality/quantity upgrades are available to customers, they would disrupt the bundles at renewal, necessitating the individual renewal of each product.


New Saved Bundles are now available in products

  • Link2quotes now supports saved product bundles, and we've added quite a few customizable options to them. For instance, you can build a bundle with price overrides; move products up and down in the display order, and even make some of them mutually exclusive with the use of Option Groups.
  • To better support saved product bundles, we've also added a new filter in the products called "Product Type" which allows you to filter by your product bundles.
  • when adding bundles to your quotes, simply select "product bundles", and click on the dropdown option to display your available saved bundles.
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