Linktivity adds new consultant tools

Linktivity adds new consultant tools

At Linktivity, we know how important it is for consultants to have a good relationship with their customers. Customers want to focus on their business, and they trust consultants to help them with many aspects of that.

That’s why we made Linktivity easier for consultants to use. With our new internal changes, consultants can now create a workspace for their customers within their own Linktivity account, invite them to join, and set up the products they want to try. When the trial period ends, consultants can buy and apply the license to the same workspace. They can also invite and manage multiple users from the same customer team.

But wait, there’s more.

Once the accounts are paid for, qualified consultants can use their customer’s license to help them with the following tasks:

  • design and set up web forms, and work with the web teams to put them on the customer’s website. They can also set up any follow-up campaigns after a form is filled out, and decide who gets the results
  • design and set up surveys with smart skip logic and lead generation based on the answers
  • design and set up quote layouts in Link2quotes, and do all the other steps like sales taxes, product import, quotas, security features, etc.
  • design, set up, and promote customer events, and set up how the responses go back to Act!, and what reminders and follow-ups are used
  • clean up the contact lists for all the customer’s campaigns

Designated Consultant
What does it mean to be a “qualified consultant”? This is a term we use for Act! Consultants who have passed their 2024 recertification exams and are dedicated to learning and supporting the Linktivity products. When they meet these criteria, we can give them a special attribute in their user account that lets them use their customer’s license. We decide who gets this attribute.

Our consultants can now sell and support Linktivity products more effectively, as they can help overcome some of the common setup challenges that customers have faced before. Plus, all their customer's workspaces can now be managed within their own Linktivity account for increased ease of access.

We plan to launch these new features on February 23rd, 2024.

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